COST Actions related to Smart Energy Regions

Below is a list (not exhaustive)of recent and ongoing COST Actions that can be related to the themes of Smart Energy Regions.

It is intended as a starting point for making contact with members of other Actions.


TU1205 - Building integration of solar thermal systems
From 05/04/2013 to 04/04/2017, 13 COST countries involved
Integration of solar thermal technologies into the building envelope.

TU1201 - Urban allotment gardens in European cities - Future, challenges and lessons learned
From 18/10/2012 to 17/10/2016, 27 COST countries involved
Allotment gardens and their relevance for sustainable urban development in Europe, and also their impacts from social, ecological and urban design perspectives will be studied.

TU1004 - Modelling public transport passenger flows in the era of intelligent transport systems
From 18/05/2011 to 17/05/2015, 15 COST countries involved
Advanced modelling of passengers flow and exploitation of new information technologies.

TU0902 - Integrated assessment technologies to support the sustainable development of urban areas
From 15/10/2009 to 14/10/2013, 26 COST countries involved
Develop better representations of the urban systems interactions and dynamics as well as new configurations of urban areas so that they consume fewer resources.

TU0801 - Semantic enrichment of 3D city models for sustainable urban development
From 04/11/2008 to 03/11/2012, 23 COST countries involved
Semantically enrich 3D city models with urban knowledge and models, so as to extend their functionality and usability in a perspective of sustainability.

TU0701 - Improving the quality of suburban building stocks
From 19/03/2008 to 18/03/2012, 22 COST countries involved
Methods, procedures and technologies for the renovation and revitalization of suburban housing settlements, the increasing of their value and the improvement of the safety and the quality of life of inhabitants.

C27 - Sustainable Development Policies for Minor Deprived Urban Communities
From 20/11/2006 to 19/11/2010, 15 COST countries involved
Explore, assess and improve the different policy options open to small, deprived, urban communities, geared to sustainable development.

C24 - Analysis and design of innovative systems for low-exergy in the built environment
From 17/11/2006 to 16/06/2011, 16 COST countries involved
Broadly disseminate new scientific knowledge and practical design-support instruments that can facilitate practical application of the exergy concept to the built environment.

356 - Towards the definition of a measurable environmentally sustainable transport (EST)
From 16/01/2006 to 15/01/2010, 20 COST countries involved
Integrate and communicate European knowledge in the assessment of the environmentally sustainable aspects of transport technologies and policies.

C23 - Strategies for a low carbon built environment
From 13/10/2005 to 12/10/2009. 19 COST countries involved
Investigate how carbon reductions can be achieved through appropriate design and management of the urban built environment.