Cost and value

Factsheet on the value of sustainable buildings and 2003 Report by the Institute for Building Efficiency

The Institute for Building Efficiency ( is a private non-profit initiative by an American company operating in the energy efficiency sector. The Institute has published a factsheet reporting data from many studies on the added value of sustainable buildings and how this reflects on economical returns. The factsheet is available for download at The Institute has also delivered in 2003 a report to the California’s Sustainable Building Task Force on cost and financial benefits of “green buildings”. The study adopts an holistic approach considering not only direct economical benefits such as rents and prices, but also productivity and well-being. Indeed because the purpose of the report is to assess the benefits of sustainable buildings for the community, and not the single owners/tenants, monetary values are placed on factors such as emissions and waste. The report is available at


Academic paper “Doing well by doing good? Green office buildings” by Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok and John M. Quigley, 2010

In this paper the researchers claim to have carried out the first systematic analysis on the economic outcomes of sustainable buildings. They compared investments on energy efficiency to rents and selling prices in a sample of about 10,000 offices in the USA. The results showed that higher values are acknowledged to energy efficient buildings as they reflect in higher rents and selling prices. The paper is available at

RICS Report “Supply, demand and the value of green buildings”

This report was written in 2012 for RICS (the UK Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) by Andrea Chegut, Piet Eichholtz and Nils Kok following their investigation on the effects of the increase of BREAAM certified offices in London on the real estate market. The researchers concluded that although the presence of “green buildings” in an area raises rents ad prices of its neighbours, each new green building also lowers rents and prices on the sustainable building market. The report is available at