Logo Competition winners experiences at COST meeting in Barcelona

January 2013

Matteo Andreotolla - winner

'Thanks to my professor Rossano Albatici I was able to take part in the design contest promoted by Smart Energy Regions to design a logo for the COST action. I put lots of effort in it because I realized it would be a great chance to learn something more about sustainability, which is a theme in which I am really interested in. The prize was the chance to take part at the meeting in Barcelona.

The first day of the meeting the discussion was about the Action and after that Amber and I presented our logos. The second day the group was divided in smaller working groups to let everybody focus on their specific areas.

Barcelona is a beautiful city, full of famous architectures that I was able to visit after studying them in books.

In particular after attending the meeting we all went to Sagrada Familia. We went up to the top, which is a very special thing because entrance is forbidden to normal tourists. They organised for us to visit with a guide, we learnt lots of things about the construction and we could enjoy the stunning view of the sunset over Barcelona.

At night we had dinner together and we had the chance to talk and to get to know each other. The people were very nice and we tasted some delicious local food as well.

Thanks to smart energy regions I had the amazing opportunity of taking part in the meeting. I got to know many people from all over the world. Moreover I had the chance to have very interesting conversations with them and learn many things about sustainable architecture and smart energy regions'.