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This page of the website will be used to disseminate events that are not directly associated with the Action but are related in subject area.They will be included in date order.


Open Days 2013 - 11th European Week of Cities and Regions - Brussels 7-10 October 2013

The Open Days is an annual event in Brussels that enables European cities and regions to show their activity and share good practice on local and regional governance through workshops and seminars. Linked to the main event in Brussels, a series of local initiatives are programmed from September to November all over Europe. Information can be found on 



EUKN EGTC Annual Conference 2013 - Energy Efficient Cities - November 2013

Energy efficiency is a top political priority in Europe. Our economy is expected to be low-carbon by 2050. This requires amassive transition. The sense of urgency of this transition is not disputed. But  if we are going to realise the targets, howwill we do it? Cities play a key role in a more energy efficient society, since they are the major energy and resource consumers. Action at the local level is needed to prepare cities for this challenge.

The 2013 annual conference of the European Urban Knowledge Network(EUKN) ‘Energy Efficient Cities’ will present the main challenges and opportunities for cities to contribute to the energy efficiency targets. It will take place in Oradea, Romania, on 6 -7 of November 2013, and it will be entirely in English.

Experts from Europe – policy makers, researchers and practitioners at EU, national and local levels – will contribute to a two-day international knowledge festival.  Through interactive workshops the different aspects of energy efficiency in the built environment will be presented. Topics include energy service companies, the social neighbourhood, historic buildings, citizen participation and behaviour change. On-site visits to projects in Oradea and presentations of good practices from all over Europewill give participants a deeper insight into concrete instrumentsand policies for further strengthening the effectiveness of localenergy efficiency actions.

If you need answers on how to make historic buildings energyefficient, how to develop behaviour change strategies, how torenovate vast groups of buildings
at a low cost or if you just wantto take a look into the future of sustainable cities, these are twodays you do not want to miss!

Details of the conference programme will be published in the nextweeks on
For further inquiries, please contact Ana [UTF-8?]PoГ§as: +31 70 3028484,  or


SYMPOSIUM - Modelling Sustainable Transition Dynamics - July 2013

An International Symposium is being held in Cardiff on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2013 which will bring together academics and practitioners to discuss simulation approaches to investigate sustainable urban transitions.

Deadline for abstracts: 1st March 2013

Deadline for full papers: 15th June 2013

Further details can be found in the attachment below.