Research material related to the COST Action can be found here. This can be material that has been generated by the research team or from external organisations that is directly related to the Action.


European FRESH Project testing an alternative to GDP

FRESH (Forwarding Regional Environmental Sustainable Hierachies) is an INTERREG IV C project aimed at improving regional policies towards sustainability and innovation in the field of construction ( Members from eight European countries participate to the project, led by Kainuun Etu Oy, a finnish regional development public company. Among the outcomes of the project is the implementation in four regions of an alternative indicator to GDP, The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI). Mkore can be found here:



Presentation - The Climatic Change

Franco Fidel circulated a presentation entitled The Climatic Change - the light of the theory of the Natural Processes for consideration.

The presentation can be found below.