Voluntary education standardization in study energy efficiency direction programs in European Union and neighborhood regions

Paper by A. Zabasta, N. Kunicina, N. Arsic, O. Krievs and L. Ribickis


Abstract: The experience in development of compatible study programs in electrical engineering obtained by Tempus Energy project partners, in particular Riga Technical University and University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica is described. The curricula developed in a frame of Tempus project is a good step forward of
mutual recognition of study programs between EU countries and EU partner’s countries universities. It creates a good background for Erasmus+ activity implementation – students and teaching staff mobility between EU and non-EU partner countries. The new set of study programs, module based teaching approach for undergraduate’s and masters student, shared teaching library, modelling and simulation approach for the teaching process, made in the frame of Tempus Energy project are depicted. The problem issues, solutions and examples in the development and modernization of compatible study programs in EU partner’s countries universities are discussed.

Published in Proceedings of The 14th International Conference On Modeling And Applied Simulation, Mas 2015 September 21-23 2015, Bergeggi, Italy