Kiril Barzev
Title: Prof.
Country of residence: Bulgaria
Institution: University of Ruse
Address: 8, Studentska Street 7017 Ruse BULGARIA
Telephone: +359 82 888432
Date of birth: 25.12.1949
Sex: Male
MC Member: Yes

Dr. Kiril Barzev is Professor in Transport Faculty at University of Rousse, Bulgaria and he is Head of Laboratory on Ecological Problems of Engines. He holds MS and Ph.D. degrees in Alternative Fuels. He was in Japan for 1.5 years as a Monbusho scholar and one year in U.S.A. as a Hubert H. Humphrey Program’s fellow. His research field is vehicle exhaust emissions: I/M program, retrofit/rebuild pollution control technologies and implementation of alternative fuels. He has experience with equipment for performance, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions measurements and especially using of fuel systems for working of internal combustion engines with alternative fuels. He has participated in several European projects concerning vehicle exhaust emissions and implementation of alternative fuels in automotive transport.


More than 120 publications connected with fuel efficiency and formation, measurement and control of exhaust emissions from gasoline and diesel engines for automotive transport mainly by means of alternative fuels (hydrogen, natural gas, LPG, biofuels, alcohols, etc).