Vicente Carabias
Title: Mr.
Country of residence: Switzerland
Institution: ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Sustainable Development
Address: P.O. Box 8401 Winterthur, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 589347015
Date of birth: 01/08/1971
Early Stage Researcher: No
Sex: Male
MC Member: Yes
WG membership:
1, 2, 4

Vicente Carabias, MSc in Environmental Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ), is responsible for European co-operation at the ZHAW Institute of Sustainable Development and for the research area on sustainable energy systems. Leading the former Swiss contribution to PASTILLE (EESD-FP5, Promoting Action for Sustainability Through Indicators at Local Level in Europe), INTELCITIES (IST-FP6, Intelligent Cities), REFORM (RoK-FP6), and currently to IFA and OPTIMISM (both FP7, the latter on Sustainable Mobility) and contributing to various FP7 projects (EFP, SESTI and ERA.Net RUS) recently at JRC-IPTS, he is experienced in multi-cultural collaboration and networking. Within international projects, he has elaborated expertise in the development, application and benchmarking of indicators. Vicente has especially contributed to the cross-cultural comparative research of ecological behaviour and context analysis, the development and application of sustainability indicator systems, as well as to foresight-research and stakeholder involvement over the last ten years.
Besides participating as Swiss expert to the IEA DSM Task XXIV on Behaviour Change within Demand-Side Management, he is Swiss member of the Management Committee for the concerned COST Action TU1104 on Smart Energy Regions and Board Member of the Swiss Academic Association for Environmental Research and Ecology (SAGUF). Through the COST Action links shall be established with the European Initiative on Smart Cities that ‘will support cities and regions that take pioneering measures to progress towards radical reduction to greenhouse gas emissions’. Moreover, Vicente is representing Switzerland in the International Foresight Academy (IFA) where he will introduce future topics dealing with energy issues. ZHAW will take advantage of all these connections for further networking the project tasks with external partners.
Vicente will contribute with overall project management, behaviour change, foresight and transdisciplinary sustainability transition expertise.


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