Ioannis Freris
Title: Mr.
Country of residence: Greece
Institution: external researcher working with Prof. Koroneos
Address: Lagadion 4, Marousi, Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 6974162788
Date of birth: 02/02/1975
Sex: Male
MC Member: No

Web Design, Mobile Applications, Internet Marketing, SEO ANALYST, Social Media. ICT can play a crucial role within urban areas, as it can depict the relationship between the necessary inputs, the expected outputs, and the desired outcomes of a smart and sustainable urban ecosystem. This is a useful tool in the evaluation of smart city strategies. How can we use social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn or Mobile Applications to increase public awareness? There seems to be a great potential for the application of ICT in the governance of the change that urban areas will have to undergo in the decades to come. In order to deliver on their promises, such technologies will have to be employed not only to increase the intelligence of environmental- economic systems but also to establish incentive structures promoting the creation of sustainable public value. The real smart city - in fact - will have to reconcile individual and collective needs.