La ferla

Giuseppe La Ferla
Title: Architect
Country of residence: Spain
Institution: Chapman Taylor / Technical University of Madrid
Address: Paseo de Recoletos 16, 7ยช planta, 28001 Madrid
Telephone: +34 654434157
Date of birth: 10/10/1970
Early Stage Researcher: Yes
Sex: Male
MC Member: Yes
WG membership:
1, 2, 4

I am interested in the development of technology solutions for building construction processes. I am also interested in the research activity which focuses on the identification of technological solutions that once tested provide a high level of energy efficiency to the buildings where they are applied.
Furthermore I am interested in the dissemination of those solutions and their integration in the national regulations regarding low carbon strategy.
Those interests are closely connected with my professional activity as Project Architect and Technical Panel member in the international practice Chapman Taylor, managing large scale buildings construction processes.
I am also interested in energy efficiency construction processes linked to local sustainability, researching this issue in the platform Sustainability Laboratory, of which I am co-founder.