Joanne Patterson
Title: Ms
Country of residence: United Kingdom
Institution: Cardiff University - Welsh School of Architecture
Role: WG4 leader, Grant holder representative
Address: Welsh School of Architecture Bute Building, King Edward VII Avenue Cardiff CF10 3NB
Telephone: +44 2920874754
Date of birth: 24/01/1974
Early Stage Researcher: Yes
Sex: Female
MC Member: Yes
WG membership:
1, 2, 4

My key interest is in ‘operationalising’ low carbon technologies at different scales and within different sectors of the built environment. Over the past 17 years my research has aimed to provide evidence and understanding as to why low carbon is important from building to urban scale. I am particularly interested in stimulating the retrofit of the existing built environment. Work has involved modelling the energy use across different sectors of the built environment at an urban scale, investigating tools for urban sustainability, retrofitting a social house to 80% carbon reductions, evaluating large scale social retrofit programmes, investigating the impact of the built environment on health and how schools can become more sustainable. Current research is looking at the implementation of low carbon technologies into systems at different scales of the built environment.

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