Metka Sitar
Title: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc.
Country of residence: Slovenia
Institution: University of Maribor - Faculty of Civil Engineering - Department of Architecture
Address: Faculty of Civil Engineering, Smetanova ulica 17 SI-2000 Maribor Slovenia
Telephone: +++ 2 2294 300, +++ 31 390 904
Date of birth: 22/06/1951
Early Stage Researcher: No
Sex: Female
MC Member: Yes
WG membership:
1, 2, 4

The sustainable urban development of Slovenian regions and cities will be demonstrated from the top down and bottom up approach. As a Case study the City Municipality of Maribor will be presented with the emphases on the energy efficient strategies for new and existing urban districts. The low carbon implementation will be explored by the potentials for the refurbishment of residential buildings from quantitative and qualitative perspective, focusing on the integrated assessment including the economic and social value in light of the quality of life. In the survey the early stage researcher will participate in theĀ  interdisciplinary team in collaboration with local Energy Agency.

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