Jovan Todorovic
Title: MSc in Electrical Engineering
Country of residence: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Institution: Elektroprenos BiH
Address: Marije Bursac 7a, 78 000 Banja Luka
Telephone: +387 51246574
Date of birth: 28/09/1971
Early Stage Researcher: Yes
Sex: Male
MC Member: Yes
WG membership:
1, 2, 4

Integration of renewable energy supply systems stands as one of the basic preconditions for accomplishment of the Smart Energy Regions concept. Such regions would not be only energy consumers but also energy producers. Integration of variable consumption and renewable sources production, with integrated energy storage facilities, between building groups or communities, imposes new challenges to distribution/transmission power grid. Not only new technology implemented but also the new approaches in operation of Smart Regions have to be introduced. Consequently, Smart Energy Regions would be supplied by "smart grid" able to provide all grid users data exchange and respond on a request of any user, i.e. consumer, renewable energy source or storage facility.  

  • N. B. Negra, J. Todorovic, and T. Ackermann, “Loss evaluation of HVAC and HVDC transmission solutions for large offshore wind farms,” in ELSEVIER Electric Power System Research, Science Direct, Volume 76, Issue 11, July 2006, Pages 916–927 Short summary: This paper presents a comparison of transmission losses for different technical transmission solutions for large offshore wind farms. Three technical solutions are analyzed, i.e. HVAC, HVDC Line Commutated Converter (LCC) and HVDC Voltage Source Converter (VSC). The losses for each technology are calculated for wind farms with different ratings and various distances to shore. In addition, solutions with combinations of two and the three different transmission technologies are analyzed and compared. Based on this comparison, further analysis regarding the economical feasibility can be performed in order to determine the most economic solutions for the transmission system of an offshore wind farm.