Luca Urbani
Title: Dr.
Country of residence: Switzerland
Institution: IBV Huesler AG
Role: WG1 co-leader, financial rapporteur
Address: IBV Hüsler AG, Olgastrasse 4, CH-8001 Zürich
Telephone: +41 44 252 49 31
Date of birth: 1/7/1971
Early Stage Researcher: Yes
Sex: Male
MC Member: Yes
WG membership:
1, 3, 4

Research selection:

  • PROMPT – New Means to Promote Pedestrian Traffic in Cities (EU - FP5, 2003)
  • ASI – Assessing Implementation (EU - FP5, 2005)
  • Effectiveness and feasibility of transport low-carbon strategies in suburban areas (SER, 2010 in the framework of the EU Cost Action C23 – Strategies for a low carbon urban environment)

After five year of “pure” research activity, Luca Urbani is since 2005 employed as transport and public spaces expert and consultant by IBV Hüsler AG Zurich. Since 2008 is he co-owner of the office. By the most significant projects of the last years:

  • Bale, Switzerland: Masterplan for the development of the “3 Land District” (Switzerland, France, Germany) (2014)
  • Wil West, Switzerland: Kanton of Thurgau. Traffic concept for the development for a new mixed-use district (2012)
  • Zurich, Switzerland: Agency for the public transport of the canton of Zurich (ZVV). Limmattalbahn Strategic study for the integration of a new light railway line in the urban network (2011)
  • Zurich, Switzerland: Agency for the public transport of the canton of Zurich (ZVV). Strategic study for the development of the light railway system of the Zurich metropolitan area (2010-2011)
  • Zurich, Switzerland: Municipality of Zurich. Mobility concepts for car-less settlements, Municipality of Zurich (several projects 2009 -2012)
  • Zurich, Switzerland: Municipality of Zurich. Definition of a development framework for the Wollishofen district in Zurich (2012)
  • Torino, Italy: Agency for the public transport of the metropolitan region of Torino. Rete forte 2012 - Improvement of the integration of the new metropolitan railway system (SFM) and the local public transport (2007 - 2011)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia: City of Ljubljana. Partnership Smartinska Ljubljana (see Ref-erence 6) (Expert, demand forecast and modelling)
  • Bologna, Italy: Province of Bologna. Development of the commuter railway network of the province of Bologna (2004-2007)

Selected publications:

  • Urbani L., Commuters Rail Stations and Pedestrians Flows: The “Hardbrücke” Station in Zurich, Switzerland, SIIV - 5th International Congress - Sustainability of Road Infrastructures, Elsevier 2012
  • Urbani L., Huesler W., New Strategies for the Reduction of Shopping Centers Generated Car Trips Theory and Experiences, Indoor and Build Environment 2009
  • Steg L, Urbani L et al., “Assessing Life Quality in Transport Planning and Urban Design”, in Land Use and Transport Planning, Elsevier 2007
  • D’Andrea A., Urbani L., Guzzo S., “Design and monitoring of a safe pedestrian crossing facility: via Venezia Giulia, Rome”, in proceeding convegno internazionale SIIV: New technology and modelling tools for road applications to design and management, Firenze, 27-29 Ottobre 2004
  • Martincigh L., Urbani L., “The bus stop: users requirements and design solutions”, in proceeding V Convegno Internazionale Walk 21: Cities for People, Copenhagen, Danimarca, 9-11 Luglio 2004
  • Martincigh L., Urbani L., “Possible solutions for existing problems: strategies and techniques for improving the pedestrian realm”, in proceeding V convegno internazionale Walk 21: Cities for People, Copenhagen, Danimarca, 9-11 Luglio 2004
  • D’Andrea A., Urbani L., “Urban Street Design, a New Engineering Approach”, in proceeding in IV Convegno Internazionale Walk 21: Healt Equity & Environment, Portland Oregon, USA, 1-3 Maggio 2003
  • Urbani L., Martincigh L., Corazza M.V., “Multi Use highways: the Poggio Moiano case Study”, in proceeding del 14th ICTCT workshop, Caserta, 25 – 26 ottobre 2001