Renee Wansdronk
Title: Mr.
Country of residence: Netherlands
Institution: Wansdronk Architecture
Address: WG Plein 286 1054SE Amsterdam Netherlands
Telephone: 0031(0)858784298
Date of birth: 25/03/1959
Early Stage Researcher: No
Sex: Male
MC Member: Substitute
WG membership:

Emporium Business Interests

A building construction with an energy producing climate system, that is composed of both low-exergy and zero-emission solar heat and infra-red cool energy sources, and heat and cool thermosiphon circulations, and a prefabricated, collapsible, and above ground heat and cool seasonal storage, is characterized for each of the alphabetical ordered parties below, here limited to four, financial and non-financial interests and values:

1. Government
1.1 Government, carbon dioxide emission reduction
1.2 Government, fossil energy independence
1.3 Government, state-owned natural sources
1.4 Government, property pledge monetary system

2. Investor
2.1 Investor, stock market shares value
2.2 Investor, climate change reinsurance risk
2.3 Investor, revolving governmental fund
2.4 Investor, responsible investment principles

3. Municipality
3.1 Municipality, small scale urban integration
3.2 Municipality, storage facility existing district
3.3 Municipality, temporary urban planning
3.4 Municipality, soil environment protection

4. (R)ESCO
4.1 (R)ESCO, (renewable) energy service company
4.2 (R)ESCO, national power supply unbalance
4.3 (R)ESCO, regional power supply unbalance
4.4 (R)ESCO, building power supply unbalance

5. Resident
5.1 Resident, property investment value
5.2 Resident, mortgage borrowing capacity
5.3 Resident, shared building construction ownership
5.4 Resident, sustainable investment tax reduction

6. Supplier
6.1 Supplier, carbon credits exchange
6.2 Supplier, low-exergy temperature control system
6.3 Supplier, product ownership
6.4 Supplier, civic entrepreneurs economy