Anatolijs Zabašta
Title: Mr., Mg. oec., MBA
Country of residence: Latvia
Institution: Riga Technical University
Address: 1, Kalku Str., Riga, Latvia, LV 1658
Telephone: +371 29232872
Date of birth: 21/01/1948
Early Stage Researcher: Yes
Sex: Male
MC Member: Substitute

The first area of my interest is related to training and education sector. It would be reasonable to investigate, how contemporary power end electrical engineering programs for future engineers and for retraining meet requirements for creation competences needed for creation low carbon technologies, for reductions of electrical, heat energy and water losses in regions.
The next area of my interest is related to monitoring and control of interdependences between critical infrastructures such as power supply, heat, and telecommunication and water distribution networks. At the regional level losses and emergencies in one of the infrastructures often cascade problems and losses in the other one. Intelligent monitoring and control of power, heat and water distribution network can decrease energy losses and decrease carbon pollutions in the regions.

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